I’m a painter and collage artist from New York.
I employ a freewheeling cut-and-paste aesthetic in my art-making process. While my artwork revolves around composition and design, an underlying narrative sometimes spotlights inequities in society, humanity, the environment, and culture; I sample information from my experiences and rework them into a visual narrative that I perceive.

M.F.A. Hunter College, NY
B.A. The City College, NY

Selected Exhibitions
2023    Cause We Be Complicated, Ann Street Gallery, Newburgh, NY
2023    Cause We Be Complicated, ADS Gallery, Newburgh, NY
2022    Political Storm, Las Lagunas Gallery, Laguna Beach California
2021    Black Renaissance Exhibit, Anne Street Gallery, Newburgh, NY
2021    Tell Me A Story, Emerge Gallery, Suagerties, NY
2013.  Black Beans Liquid Gold, Galerie R31, Berlin, Germany
2012   Day of the Dead, Unison Art Center, New Paltz, NY
2009  Windham Fine Arts, Windham, NY
2009  Affordable Art Fair, NYC, NY
2008  Pennsylvania College of Technology, Williamsport, PA (solo show)

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