Stevenson Estimé is a painter and collage artist from New York City. He grew up in Manhattan during the birth of Hip Hop and graffiti. Stevenson received his MFA Degree in Painting from Hunter College and currently makes art and teaches digital photography, digital art and art foundation through technology at a private school in Manhattan.

In his art making process, Stevenson uses various digital tools and blends it with a freewheeling cut and paste aesthetic. He juxtaposes his drawings and photographs with images appropriated from mass media and popular culture. And while his collages primarily revolve around composition and design, an underlying current dealing with race, class and gender can be found in the subject matter of Stevenson’s artwork.

Stevenson’s high resolution CYMK collages are one of a kind digital files that will never degrade in quality. All Images are available as high quality prints. All prints are created directly from the CYMK file and signed. Prints can made on a variety of surfaces and editioned prints are also available. Please contact Stevenson directly for prices, noting which image you are interested in.